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Converting a pgsql file to CSV

I had a request this morning from a client who wanted me to save some tables from their database as CSVs. They provided a .pgsql file which contains all the data and instructions for constructing the database. It’s sort of a bunch of migrations and seeds in one place.

There might be a more straightforward way but I decided to create a new Rails app and build the database from the dump file. I could then export the tables from the console.

There weren’t many steps to it. Firstly I created the database.

rails db:create

I went to config/database.yml to get the name of the database before running:

psql -d rails_app_development -f dumped_db.pgsql

It took a couple of tries. The command’s output informed me I needed to create some users:

createuser --superuser postgres
createuser --superuser rails

Following rails db:drop db:create I ran the psql command again.

Having created the database I ran db:schema:dump to create the schema file. From that I could see which tables I needed to create corresponding models for.

I then went to the console and dumped my models to CSV files.

def dump_csv(path, model), "wb") do |csv|
    csv << model.attribute_names
    model.find_each do |row|
      csv << row.attributes.values