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Be Careful Assigning to has_one Relations

via Andy Croll

Most of the time, when building relationships between models, you typically use has_many and belongs_to. There are some circumstances where a has_one relationship is more appropriate.

However, the behaviour of has_one has some quirks that make it a little trickier to deal with.

When you assign a new instance of an associated model to its has_one model the existing instance is removed from the association and causes a permanent change to be written to the database. This happens whether the new model is valid or not.


class Biography < ApplicationRecord
  belongs_to :person, optional: true

  validates :text, presence: true

class Person < ApplicationRecord
  has_one :biography

person = Person.create(name: "Andy Croll")
=> #<Person id: 1, name: "Andy Croll" ...>
person.create_biography(text: "Writes emails")
=> #<Biography id: 1, person_id: 1, text: "Writes emails" ...>
person.biography ="Looks handsome")
=> #<Biography id: 2, person_id: 1, text: "Looks handsome" ...>
=> #<Biography id: 2, person_id: 1, text: "Looks handsome" ...>
=> 2
=> #<Biography id: 1, person_id: nil, text: "Looks handsome" ...>