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An improved query

I needed a way to look up rows in one table that pointed towards all the specified rows in another. I posted about my journey towards a solution here.

That solution isn’t ideal as the number of database hits is equal to the size of the array.

I now have an improved query:

  .where(labels: { name: labels })
  .having("COUNT( = #{labels.size}")

A row matches if the joining label rows have a name that is contained in the argument array (labels). The returned rows must point to all the specified labels so I make sure my result only contains those that point to at least as many labels as names in the array. Lastly, a GROUP BY clause is required after HAVING.

There was one small problem that I couldn’t use #count on the returned object. But since I’d only used #count in the tests, I decided I should replace those occurrences with #length.

The resulting query hits the database twice.