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Finding rows in a table that point to rows in another that match all the specified column values…

I have models named Issue and Label. Each issue can have many labels. Each label can have many issues.

I am trying to build a query that will return an issue that contains all of the supplied labels.

For instance, if I supply ['bug', 'fix', 'enhancement'] I want issues that have all three of those three labels at least.

Currently, I have:

labels = ['bug', 'fix', 'enhancement']
Issue.joins(:labels).where(labels: { name: labels }).distinct

But this is insufficient as it returns issues that have at least one of the label names. I see this is because is because an IN operator is generated:

WHERE "labels"."name" IN ('bug', 'fix', 'enhancement')

And from here on, I’m lost. I imagine I might be able to use #inject to build the query from the array…

After leaving this for a day, I now have a working solution.

First, I get all the issue ids for each given label.

def self.ids_for_label(label_name)
  .where(labels: { name: label_name })

I find the intersection of these before finally looking up the issues by their ids.

scope :by_labels, lambda { |labels|
  # `labels` needs to be coerced to an array so that the scope can accept a
  # single string as an argument.
  where(id: [*labels].map { |label| ids_for_label(label) }.reduce(&:&))

But there’s a problem.

# One call to the db

# Two calls to the db
Issue.by_labels(['bug', 'enhancement']).first.title

# Three calls to the db
Issue.by_labels(['bug', 'fix', 'enhancement']).length

I’m not sure if you’d call this a N+1 problem, as the number of queries equals the array count, but it’s a similar kind of monster.